MULTIFANDOM BLOG!!!(you have been warned!)
KAT-TUN(6,5,4nin but Koki is forever my ultimate bias.)
Arashi(biases Aiba and Ohno)and Sakuraiba is my ultimate OTP!!
Kanjani8(bias Subaru)
Tokio (biases Nagase/Mabo)
V6 (bias Morita Go)
Kishidan, Rize, manji line and so many Japanese actors,with a girl crush for Ayase Haruka, ishihara satomi, ashina sei, kitagawa keiko and Juliette Lewis.
Also a metalhead(guns n'roses, black label society etc) and a horror movies lover.
With an addiction for tattoos,travel,Japan,movies,dramas, manga,music,,Takashi Miike, Quentin Tarantino,the outsiders,one piece, gaki no tsukai ,AHS,and the list goes on.
Obsessed with Yamada Takayuki .Yosuke Kubozuka, ichihara hayato and Eita


氣志團 綾小路 翔 ALS アイス・バケツ・チャレンジ  KISHIDAN Show Ayanocozey ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Maruyama Ryuuhei during Namida no Kotae

Kanjani∞ 10th debut anniversary - PAN is not everybody’s thing (Spirits! MC)

Even if a million years go by 
We never change, no worries, you’ll be alright 
I know you’ll meet your precious only one 
One day you’ll find them on this earth, I believe in love 


violinist KAT-TUN.

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