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“When I feel down, looking at Nakamaru’s face elevates my mood.”

- Kamenashi Kazuya (via darumador)

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Nakamaru would like Taguchi to stop grunting in the dressing room.

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Koki Speaks About Writing Lyrics for INKT’s 1st Album


Koki’s entry from INKT’s Official Ameba Blog:

Everyone keeps saying ‘It’s cold, It’s cold,’ but it’s f’ing freezing 

October 5, 2014 10:20 pm 

Except for when I went out to eat dinner, I’ve pretty much been shut in at home lol
If you looked as us now, you’d say we were a shut-in band
Even though I’m holed up at home to write lyrics and stuff, I don’t feel like the lyrics are coming from God so much, 
but rather, steadily, steadily,
I write the lyrics by leaning on the power of my bandmates

It’s really difficult
I might need a few more syllables here or there…
or what I wrote might sound great, but then it doesn’t sound quite right when I sing it…
Sometimes I’d need to start writing new lyrics the very day after I just finished the last ones,
or once they even asked me to write some concurrently.

Lyric-writing is like an onion
It’s like you must peel off each layer one-by-one
This is going to be a full album, so
it feels like I’m standing there completely naked
I stripped down so far that everything is revealed.
It’s the feeling of singing down to the core of my being
so much so, that if I try to force myself to write lyrics,
it hurts to the bone
It’s that painful

The point of what I’m trying to say is not coming out right, so I’ll rest for now!

But it’s also really fun at the same time
I’m getting completely naked so that there are no layers left to peel,
right now I’m getting ready in order to see all of you 

If you just read these words out of context, it sounds pervy though.

But without stopping,
I’ll run to reach you
Sometimes time seems to go super fast,
and sometimes it seems really slow

Please come with me
Hang on tight so you won’t get thrown off,
even though I’m a wild horse lol



MV「ずっと」(short ver.)


Koki blogs pix of his bedroom, living room, and dining area *Squeeee!!!*

October 10, 2014


A Complete Makeover!
Have you been waiting!
I wonder if you’ve been waiting? Have you?
Anyway, it’s me, Koki-who-has-finished-rearranging-his-room
Doing some rearranging and early Spring cleaning at the same time during this break I have…
I made everything extremely clean
I even cleaned under furniture that I usually don’t move
Like I was possessed
Someone gave me most of the furniture
So it was very affordable lol
I did a lot of fixing, and I was able to put it all up up to this point!
October 10 Koki blog 1
The bedroom looks sexy right lol
Well yeah
Because it is a bedroom
The living room has a completely different atmosphere lol
October 10 Koki blog 2
Well, it’s usually very bright, you know? lol
When I’m drinking at home lol
This might be for a party or something lol
I also relax and drink and stuff in the counter chairs that are placed near the kitchen lol
October 10 Koki blog 3
I give myself credit for having the most talent in interior design among my band-mates 
Ok then!


TV Asahi Dream Festival photo 2014.10.13 - Subaru Shibutani