MULTIFANDOM BLOG!!!(you have been warned!)
KAT-TUN(6,5,4nin but Koki is forever my ultimate bias.)
Arashi(biases Aiba and Ohno)and Sakuraiba is my ultimate OTP!!
Kanjani8(bias Subaru)
Tokio (biases Nagase/Mabo)
V6 (bias Morita Go)
Kishidan, Rize, manji line and so many Japanese actors,with a girl crush for Ayase Haruka, ishihara satomi, ashina sei, kitagawa keiko and Juliette Lewis.
Also a metalhead(guns n'roses, black label society etc) and a horror movies lover.
With an addiction for tattoos,travel,Japan,movies,dramas, manga,music,,Takashi Miike, Quentin Tarantino,the outsiders,one piece, gaki no tsukai ,AHS,and the list goes on.
Obsessed with Yamada Takayuki .Yosuke Kubozuka, ichihara hayato and Eita
Tanaka Koki’s quotes

  • “My fart sounds quite cruel”
  • “I can’t stand it when people aren’t polite when you first meet them. I properly greet anyone I meet for the first time, even people younger than me, saying “I’m Tanaka Koki”. When the only answer I get on that is “Yo!”, I don’t think we could become friends (tear).”
  • (Talking about fetishes) Mine is butts. For Nakamaru it’s recruitment suits [the suits young people wear for job interviews during their job search phase] (laughs). Kamenashi… has a fetish for everyone.”
  • ” And also, I would like to have Taguchi’s “heart of steel”. No matter how much he fails, it definitely cannot break (laughs). If I fail just a bit, my mood drops and I get depressed…”
  • “My looks are deceiving”
  • ” During talks Taguchi is the one easiest in control. On the other hand, it seems like I let Nakamaru have control.”
  • “It might be just my imagination (laughs), but I was a mischievous, free child.”
  • “My parents got angry because I played around using the front window of our car as a slide”
  • “I ran away from the kindergarten because I got thirsty and went home to drink some juice.”
  • “My dream for the future then was “becoming a bear”…”
  • “I always aimlessly wandered around everywhere, and it’s a well-known story in our neighbourhood how my parents looking for me, calling “Kou-chaaan~!””
  • “I played soccer, and while I did it properly during practise, when my parents came to watch during matches, I got all shy and just built mountains out of sand at the side of the field.”
  • “If you give your best, anything can be fun, right.”

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